Diving in Cozumel - What We Offer

During your trip to Mexico, consider the stunning and unforgettable experience of diving in Cozumel. At BlueProject you will be brought to crystal clear locations teeming with vibrant and fascinating aquatic creatures. From sea turtles to impressive coral reefs, the fast, small boats we use will get you to each dive spot quickly. We come out to meet you and discuss your dive goals to plan the best trip for you and your group. You will be able to make multiple computer-assisted dives, and an assortment of snacks and beverages will be available during surface intervals. Here’s the rundown on how your diving holiday will go:

Before you get wet- dreaming of diving

  • All the necessary dive documentation can be filled before your arrival.
  • We will come and meet you, wherever you are staying, the night before you begin diving in Cozumel to discuss what kind of dives you are interested in and to pick up your dive equipment.
  • We are particularly careful to group divers according to their skill level and capabilities to optimize your Cozumel diving experience.

During the dive trip- soaking and salty!!!

  • We offer hotel pier pickup from most hotels south of the marina “Caleta”.
  • We leave between 8:00 & 9:00 am, and return between 1:00 and 2:00 pm.
  • We take a maximum of 6-8 divers per trip using fast and safe dive boats, fully equipped with oxygen, first-aid kit, cell phone and radio communication equipment.
  • One or two certified dive masters are your guides at all times. Your safety and enjoyment are paramount.
  • We offer dives at distant and advanced sites at only a $5 USD/diver additional cost BUT only after we have assessed the divers’ skills (Minimum 4 divers).
  • We strongly recommend dive computer on all dives allowing us to offer you to dive your (and your buddies’) own profile.
  • Filtered/purified water, juice, fresh fruit, snacks and towels are provided on board.
  • Surface intervals last at least one hour, on beaches.
  • We prepare your equipment before and change your tanks between dives. After diving in Cozumel – divers’ downtime

After diving in Cozumel – divers’ downtime

  • We rinse and store your equipment for you (except wetsuit).

Daily dive trips (US dollars)

Two-tank dive (morning or afternoon) $90.00
Two-tank Twilight/Night Dive $100.00
Three-tank dive (when available) $130.00
Night Dive (one tank, min. 4 divers) $60.00
Snorkeling (when available) $60.00

Diving packages (US dollars)

1 or 2 days $90/day
3 or 4 days $85/day
5+ days $80/day

Special request (US dollars)

Nitrox fills 32% or 36%/tank $10.00
100′ tank/tank $5.00
Private Divemaster $50.00
Private charter (max 6 divers) $500.00

Equipment rental/diver/day (US dollars)

Full Dive Set // 3+ days $25.00 // $20.00
BCD $10.00
Regulator $10.00
Dive Computer (limited availability) $10.00
Wetsuit (3mm shorty) $10.00
Snorkel Set (Mask, fins, snorkel) $10.00
Dive Light $10.00
Any combination of 2 elements $15.00

Certifications (US dollars)

Discover Scuba Diving (one shore beach dive) $90.00
Discover Scuba Diving (two-tank boat dive) $140.00
Refresh (one shore beach dive) $70.00
Refresh (two-tank boat dive) $120.00
Open Water Referral (2 shore & 2 boat dives, equipment included) $300.00
Full Open Water Certification $430.00
Advanced Open Water Certification (4 dives + 1 night) $360.00
Advanced Open Water Certification (5 dives + 1 extra) $400.00
Rescue Diver Certification $380.00
Nitrox Certification (including a two-tank dive trip) $260.00

Please note

  • All prices quoted are in US dollars.
  • Tanks and weights are included.
  • All prices are subject to 16% Federal sales tax (IVA); prices are subject to change without prior notice.