Safe Practices

*Our boat is fully equipped with O2, a first-aid kit and radio
*Certified dive masters are your guides at all times
*Surface intervals last at least one hour
*Safe first dive to check your skills & equipment
*Safety is paramount to us!

Custom Service

*We come to meet with you to find out what kind of diving you want & to pick up or fit you for your equipment
*We group divers according to their skill level
*We offer hotel pier pickup from hotels south of the marina
*We dive your profile. We don’t limit our dives to 45 minutes
*Our divemasters check your skills to improve your abilities

First Class Diving

*Maximum of 6-8 divers per trip
*We never dive the same dive site twice
*We use small, fast dive boats
*Purified water, juice, fruit, snacks and towels on board
*We prepare your equipment and change your tanks
*We rinse and store your equipment (except wetsuits)

Green Experience

We encourage zero trash dive operation. Some of the eco-friendly diving actions are:
*We use reusable bottles for our purified water
*Our fruit juices are served in reusable thermos bottles
*Our snacks and bread are served in reusable Tupperware containers
*The peelings from the fruit are composted

Where to Meet

Marina Fonatur Cozumel Qroo
+52 1 987 105 30 27
BLUE Project – valet diving

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