One of the most frequent questions from our divers is: “which is the best place where to dive in Cozumel?”. Actually, the answer depends on the type of experience YOU enjoy underwater, your dive skills, the weather and the sea conditions.

All these parameters have to be considered by our team to determine which will be the best dive site for you and those who accompany you. This personalized attention that our experienced instructors at BLUE Project give you, allows us to provide you with a tailored service.

It is worth mentioning that the depths given in the descriptions that follow are those that we, BLUEProject, generally handle on these sites.

The most recommended sites for diving in Cozumel are, from North to South:

Shipwreck C-53

Intentionally sunk for divers in 2000, it is the only wreck dive site in Cozumel where you can find many interior compartments for a fun diving. It is an easy wreck to explore on good days, however, the days with strong currents make the experience more challenging.

Immersion depth: 30′-75′ ft

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Santa Rosa Wall

Probably one of the most famous places to dive in Cozumel, as it has a great drop into the abyss which makes the diving experience unique. On the east side of the coral there is a shallow area, ideal for enjoying the marine fauna.

Immersion depth: 50′-90′ ft

Difficulty level: Intermediate to advanced

Cedral Pass and Cedral Mountains

To the northwest of Palancar is the Paso del Cedral reef where you will find a slightly stronger current of water to practice both platform and wall diving, as well as a huge variety of marine life to admire.

Immersion depth: 45′-80′ ft

Difficulty level: Intermediate


In front of the Playa Palancar beach club is the Dalila reef, where the current of the water is calm and there is a great variety of marine life to observe; It is not a wall dive, so the experience is relaxing.

Immersion depth: 40′-65′ ft

Difficulty level: All levels

The French Lady

Next to Palancar Gardens is “The French Lady” reef, a shallow area, but with one of the most interesting diving spots on the island and abundant marine life.

Immersion depth: 35′-65′ ft

Difficulty level: All levels

Palancar Gardens

An extremely impressive site, offering a dive profile for all levels, from beginners to advanced depending on the way that you are diving it.

Immersion depth: 30′-80′ ft

Difficulty level: All levels

Palancar Caves

It is probably the best place in Palancar for cave lovers because it has long tunnels inside the reef itself, as well as one of the most impressive dives in the region.

Immersion depth: 40′-90′ ft

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Palancar Bricks

One of the best dive sites in Cozumel, with impressive passes and deep trails that enter and exit the coral, making the experience a lot of fun.

Immersion depth: 30′-80′ ft

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Colombia Deep

It is the favorite place for divers looking to live comprehensive experiences, since here you can find everything: a great variety of marine life, deep dives, colorful reefs that together will make you live an incredible experience.

Immersion depth: 60′-90′ ft

Difficulty level: From intermediate to advanced.

Punta Sur: Cathedral

It is one of the most spectacular places for experienced divers, as it has places for deep dives, fast water currents, a beautiful chamber called “Cathedral” and beautiful coral formations.

Immersion depth: 50′-90′ ft

Difficulty level: From intermediate to advanced.

Although El Cielo is not suitable for diving, we can take a break between dives in this area to get to know this place so characteristic of the island and enjoy a first-rate surface interval.

Now that you know the most spectacular places to dive in Cozumel, take the opportunity to plan your trip. At Blue Project Cozumel we propose diving packages for you to come with your friends to enjoy the wonderful experience that this island has for you. Contact us for more information, we will gladly assist you.


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